Big Baby

A unique combination of flavor and powerful effects. The GMO represents the incredible potency of the Chem D x Girl Scout genetics while the flavor comes from the Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper making up the Grape Pie. This strain has something for everyone. Potency, dynamic flavors of funky socks with coffee undertones and fruity berries, sticky resinous small incredibly terpy potent buds, all combine to make this a house favorite. The structure seems to represented by the GSC and grape stomper while the terps come from the Cherry Pie and Chem Dawg. The best friend of one of the owners had asked for a strain to be named after him and after 3 years of searching high and low this was the most unique combination of the flavors that represented “Big Baby’s” pallete and love for flavorful cannabis. He enjoyed eating desserts at the sugar factory and had an incredible tolerance for cannabis. This strain encapsulates his love for flavor and cannabis. RIP Big Baby.

A beautiful collaboration of opposites creating a Indica Hybrid strain that will hit you hard leaving you relaxed but tickle your senses with its outlandish funky fruity flavors, the best of both worlds.

Bred By: Cannarado



GMO is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the infamous breed, Girl Scout Cookies, with the equally respected Chemdawg.

Grape Pie

An indica-leaning hybrid with sour and sugary grape aromas. This strain gives off a high that may initially bring you up with euphoria before landing you down on the couch for munchies and TV.

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