The Fuego

Whether you smoke, vape, or dab – Freddy’s has you covered with the finest cannabis in Washington State.


Freddy’s cultivates in 9 flower rooms on a rotating 7 day schedule. We grow 20+ strains at any given time on a 5 strain weekly rotation. This ensures we bring fresh small batch flavors to market. Cultivating our plants in rock wool and feeding them using Athena nutrients. Grown under a variety of different lights – Fohse, Gavita, and Thinkgrow.

Flagship •
Carefully curated strains from industry leading breeders chosen through past years Pheno Hunts. Strains are cultivated in house by seasoned cultivators bringing the best product to market at our lowest price point.

The Hunt •
Every year we take the Pheno Hunt to the people! After carefully popping seeds from elite breeders, we need your help…Freddy’s packs up limited batch phenos so that our pirates can help us select the Freddy’s Finest for next year. We want YOU to tell us the good, the bad, the ugly. We only get better together! Scanning the QR code on the bag leads you to our VOTING PAGE to give feedback on each Pheno. Fan favorites will become Freddy’s Finest.

Freddy’s Finest •
Freddy’s Finest showcases the best phenotypes based on their unique qualities: smell, vigor, cannabinoid content, bag-appeal and overall high. These phenos got voted as the overall favorites from the consumer judgement process of The Hunt, which consists of 500+ seeds popped yearly.


Freddy’s Fuego Premium Flower Prerolls. Available in 1g Preroll units only.

Infused Prerolls

Freddy’s Fuego Infused Premium Full Flower + Kief Prerolls. Available in 1g Preroll units only.

Liquid Gold Vape Cart

Freddy’s Gold, In-House Processed Strain Specific Distillate Vape Cartridges. Available in 1g units only.

Freddy’s Gold Wax

Freddy’s Gold, In-House Processed Hydrocarbon Extraction. Available in 1g units only.

Find The Fuego Near You

Freddy’s Fuego can be found in over 250 locations across Washington State. So there is guaranteed to be one near you.