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This year we are taking our pheno hunt to the people! After carefully popping seeds from elite breeders we need your help…We are packing up limited batch phenos so that our favorite pirates can help us select Freddy’s Finest for 2023. We want YOU to tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly. We only get better together! After voting, fan favorites will become Freddy’s Finest!

Pheno List –¬†

Island Zkittlez
Sour Strawberry Kush x Orange Zkittlez
Bred By: Surfr Seeds

Dante’s Inferno
Oreoz x Devil Driver
Bred By: Clearwater Genetics/Tiki Madman
Lemon Shortbread
Lemon Skunk x Sinmint
Bred By: SinCity Seeds
Blue Slushie
Blueberry Cookies x Georgia Pie
Bred by: RAW Genetics
Apple Fritter x Ice Cream Cake Bx1
Bred By: Tiki Madman
Nerdz x Ice Berry Gelato
Bred By: Tiki Madman
Specimen X
Project 4516 x Devil Driver
Bred By: Clearwater Genetics/Tiki Madman
Big Gulp
Terpee Slurpee x Redneck Wedding
Bred by: Surf Seeds
Jungle Cookies x Sherb Cake
Bred By: Tiki Madman
Lava Cake x Fleetwood MAC
Bred By: LIT Farms
Strawberry Gary
Gary Payton x Red Pop
Bred By: Exotic Genetix
Jelly Donut
King louis XII x GSC
Bred By: DNA Genetics
Guava Gelato x Icee Sherb 
Bred By: Tiki Madman

The Hunt Scorecard

Rate the phenos!



    1 = Dry, 5 = Sticky


    1 = Ehh, 5 = Beautiful


    1 = Very Little, 5 = Bling Bling


    Gas Or Pass

    What Do You Smell?


    Like It Or Love It?

    1 = Nah, 5 = Love It

    What Do You Taste?


    Should We Keep this Strain